The Connecting Link

Create one message and automatically reach the right customer at the right time through the right channel—on one simple to use platform.

Draw Visual Workflows

Diagram how your message flows through your communication channels to engage with only the right customers at the right time.

Add, copy or remove workflows that automatically to send general communications such automated reminder email.

Get even more granular with your communications. With MyMultiChannel, send a reminder notice to only your customers with an invoice that’s 15 days overdue and only when the weather is sunny in their neighborhood.

Download the latest App

Integrate the latest apps and reach your audience through their favorite channels—without the hassle of hiring an IT team. Simply drag and drop new applications from the growing marketplace into your existing workflows to stay current with the latest apps.

Can't find what you need? Easily create your own API all within MyMultiChannel.

Easily create HMTL and PDF documents

Craft the right message in minutes without ever leaving MyMultiChannel. Customize PDF and HTML outputs that are desktop ready and optimized for mobile—all generated and sent automatically within existing workflows.

Connect any database or system

Easily manage your data structure and deliver data from every system with only one connection— without the need for a separate IT team.

Gather new data about your audience and send even more personalized communications by adding fields without having to adjust your source system. Even use your pre existing CRM service, like SalesForce and Pipedrive, to feed data into your workflows

Automate your Communication

Set up your workflows, conditions and data interface then let MyMultiChannel take care the rest. Send personalized direct messages through twitter, resend a confirmation email, deliver an invoice, text a verification code and even make automated phone calls.

Trigger flows with a WebHook

What's a WebHook?

A WebHook is an HTTP POST that occurs at a set event in an Application or a Website. For example, your E-mail provider uses a WebHook to report back the status of your e-mail.

MyMultiChannel receives this information and restarts a flow when the WebHook is triggered.

That means if your e-mail is BOUNCED, the Flow will restart then send a text message or a printed letter to your customer so they get the message they need.

We take care of the processing

Ensure your communications gets out to your audience at the precise moment with dedicated threads. What’s a thread?

Think of each thread as an assembly worker in your personal message factory. Taking data from your customers and crafting the perfect message using the instructions you give it in MyMultiChannel. The more you have the faster your communication goes out.

Your data is safe

Automate your communications without having to spend a fortune on new hardware. Stable, reliable and fast hosting ensures your message always gets to your customer. Flexible options let you scale up your communications as you need it. Keep sensitive client information safe from the wrong hands. Stable, reliable and fast hosting ensures your message always gets to the right customer at the precise moment.

Worried about spending a fortune on new hardware? Automate your communications with flexible options that let you scale up as you need it.