MyMultiChannel, automate your communication

Send the right message, to the right customer, at the right time

Simplify All Your Communication

MyMultichannel connects all your communication channels together through workflows so you can automate digital printing, invoicing, emails and even phone calls— without a team of developers.

Need a special API? With MyMultiChannel you have access to every API worldwide and you can even create your own.

Automated Communications in 4 Steps

Connect Your Data

Connect your custom database or CRM including Salesforce or Magento

Link Your Communication Channels

Connect your E-mail, text, voice or print provider all on the same platform— in minutes.

Create Personalized Messages

Draft, design and edit your own HTML or PDF documents in seconds with the simple to use content editor.

Build Your Workflows

Set up conditions and schedulers to automatically guide your customers through the buying journey

Stay Connected with the newest apps

Need to reach your customers on a new channel? Head over to the Marketplace, download the latest app API and implement it in your flows in minutes. If it has an open API, it’s in the Marketplace

Seamlessly manage your Communication

Simple API

You determine the data-structure you want to send and use it as payload in our API.

Secured Hosting

Reach your customers on a secure and hardened infrastructure using an end-to-end approach.

Plenty of Storage

You decide how much storage you need for your platform.

Scalable Processing

Ramp up performance when you need it with access to more threads.

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